Stammhaus am Kornmarkt 

Welcome to the Wacker's café in Frankfurt am Kornmarkt, where the story of our family tradition began. The Wacker's coffee shop at Kornmarkt 9 – also simply known as the Stammhaus – is well known far beyond the city’s boundaries, and has long been a Frankfurt institution. This makes us very happy, and we are proud to have taken a place in Frankfurt's history with the first coffee house under the name of Wacker.

The Stammhaus, as it is known today, was opened in 1955 and has hardly changed since then. Tradition and the love of artisanal coffee can still be found in the tiny Wacker’s café measuring just 80 m². Even beyond the city limits, people appreciate the quality and the wonderful service. No-one minds when the small, rustic Stammhaus is full to overflowing, because that's just part of the Wacker experience.

The area in front of the Stammhaus is as spacious as the premises within Kornmarkt 9 are small. There are only a few seats in front of the Wacker's café in Frankfurt, but we don't mind if you take our coffee cups and sit on the long wall on the other side of the street to drink your delicious coffee. Especially on sunny days, this is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy our coffee "made in Frankfurt" to the fullest.

Stammhaus bei Nacht
Kaffe Abfüllung am Kornamrkt
Schaufenster Wacker's Kornmakt
Kaffeebar am Kornmarkt

Stammhaus Kornmarkt

Wacker‘s Kaffee Geschäft GmbH

Kornmarkt 9

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (69) 28 78 10

Webshop: +49 (69) 40 89 75 74


Opening times:

Mon – Fri: 8 am to 8 pm

Sat: 8 am to 6 pm

Sun: closed

Die Rösterei  (our roasting house)

Since 1998, our coffee roasting house in Frankfurt-Fechenheim has been filled with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. This is where our fine coffees and espressos are freshly roasted every day, from where they are then delivered to our Wacker cafés.

In the spring of 2002, the company moved into new premises in an old print shop on Salzschlirfer Strasse in Fechenheim. We took advantage of the renovation work to place the artisanal roasting process at the heart of our activities. We just love the craft of making coffee. Every day, we roast the most exquisite types of coffee in our traditional slow roasting process over almost 400 square metres.

Our roasting facility is divided into three areas. The entrance contains a small office as well as a large area in the style of a traditional coffee house. This space is ideal for training courses and seminars. It is the ideal place for teaching visitors about the subtleties of coffee roasting, for example through our popular roastery tours.

The glass-fronted coffee bar provides a great view through into the 100m² roasting area, giving visitors a better idea of our passion for the craft of coffee making. In addition to two drum roasters that are in operation every day, the coffee is also portioned and packaged here. Customer orders are also picked and shipped in the heart of the roasting house. The third area of our roastery is the large warehouse with incoming goods access. We can store up to 50 tons of green coffee here, which once roasted makes its way to our Wacker´s cafés in the form of the finest coffees.

Bohnenkontrolle am Trommelröster
Gruppenfoto Rösterei
Rohbohnen werden kontrolliert
Kontrolle Rohkaffee

Wacker‘s Kaffee Rösterei GmbH

Salzschlirfer Straße 14

60386 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (69) 42 69 44 80

Fax.: +49 (69) 42 69 44 81


Café Wacker on Schweizer Straße 

The Wacker family has long wanted to offer Wacker’s coffee on the other side of the River Main too, and with the opening of the Café Wacker on Schweizer Straße, this dream became a reality.

At the explicit request of the owners, who wished to welcome Wacker's Kaffee to their premises as well as another café, Hans W. Zülch and an experienced team of architects worked closely with the Office of Historical Monuments. The result is a special Café Wacker that fits in wonderfully with our Wacker family and which has been a favourite of many Frankfurters since day one.

Especially in the darker months, this open, extremely welcoming café offers plenty of space to linger with a fine cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast or a sweet treat.

In the warm summer months, visitors can sit on one of Frankfurt's most beautiful and liveliest streets, bask in the sun and drink a delicious coffee, before exploring one of the many nearby museums or visiting the nearby Museumsufer waterfront area. You can also get your Wacker's coffee “to go” to accompany you on your walk.

Außenanschicht Schweizer Straße
Verkaufstheke im der Schweizer Straße

Wacker's Kaffee

Schweizer Straße 18

60596 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (69) 66 05 82 30

Opening times

Mon – Fri: 8 am to 7:30 pm

Sat: 8 am to 7 pm

Sun: 9 am to 7 pm

Café Wacker on Berger Straße 

The Wacker´s café in Bornheim is located on Berger Straße right next to the Uhrtürmchen, Bornheim’s clock tower and landmark.

This Wacker´s café next to the clock tower was officially opened in April 1999 by Magarete Zülch and her son, and has always been family-run. In addition to the Café Wacker in Mittelweg and the Stammhaus, it is our third Wacker´s coffee house. It is housed inside a listed building where traditional coffee culture meets architectural heritage. Before the café took up residence here, the building previously housed a tobacco shop. So as you can see, Berger Straße 185 has long been known for the pleasures in life. As its successor, in our Wacker´s café we offer our customers the finest coffees in town.

The Café Wacker am Uhrtürmen is the smallest of our Wacker´s coffee houses, which makes it even more cosy. Inside there are only 15 coveted seats at the round coffee table. In the afternoons or on public holidays, our Café Wacker am Uhrtürmen is a very popular place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

As cosy as it is inside the café, the area in front of the Wacker´s café offers plenty of space to enjoy a delicious coffee in peace. In the summer, and also on sunny winter days, it can seat up to 80 people. After a long walk along Berger Straße, our guests can stop off and relax around the fountain next to the clock tower with a hot coffee and a delicious slice of cake. For those who are in a hurry or haven’t finished shopping, they can of course get their coffee “to go”.

Hand mit Kaffeebohnen
Theke Laden in Bornheim
Kunde kauft Kaffee
Kaffeebar Bornheim

Wacker's Kaffee

Berger Straße 185

60385 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (69) 46 00 77 52

Opening times:

Mon – Fri: 8 am to 7 pm

Sat: 8 am to 6 pm

Sun: 9 am to 6 pm

Café Wacker on Grüneburgweg 

The Wacker´s café on Grüneburgweg opened its doors in 2014. In the heart of this charming shopping street in Frankfurt's West End, not far from the Holzhausenpark and the famous Palmengarten botanical garden, guests can pick up a bag of freshly roasted coffee or enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a wonderful slice of cake from our generously stocked cake counter. This pleasurable experience is rounded off by a selection of gourmet delicacies. 

Impression Cafe Grüneburgweg
Frau bei Kaffee und Kuchen
Kaffee wird Abgefüllt
Tisch mit Kaffee und Kuchen

Wacker's Kaffee

Grüneburgweg 29

60322 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (69) 977 899 00


Opening times:

Mon – Fri: 7am to 6:30 pm

Sat: 8 am to 6 pm

Sun: 9 am to 6 pm